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Mod post and announcement

Hey gang,

There have been some technical difficulties that have recently come to my attention and so in order to fix them I've made posts unmoderated for members. However with freedom comes responsibility, so please continue to follow the vaguely Gubler-related theme of the community. My apologies to any of you who tried to post something and didn't hear from any of the mods. We were not getting the notifications. Feel free to post new things now, and carry on. You can FFA in this post if it pleases you.

(Actually random commentary would be appreciated since I am still trying to fix the notification problem and can't tell if its working unless people comment)


Day 2 of Japan trip

Mods, please let me know if I better just put all the links in the same post, instead of making a new one :)

A lot more pictures this time!

Comments from staff on the TV show he's been at: "Wow, he can use chopstics!"
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Matthew Gray Gubler in Tokyo

As some of you possibly know, Matthew came to Japan today. Here's report from there:


Report is in Japanese, but there's a lot of pictures ;)


Hello friends,

That time has come again. In honor of the new season of Criminal Minds and the fact that A&E seems to be having a marathon today I thought it might be fun to resurrect our FFAs.

Have fun, do what you like, all rules are off. Also, welcome to all recent newcomers. Any and all who are interested can join us for live chat on Wednesdays during the new episodes. Chatroom info will be posted shortly before the episodes air.

Your happy mod,

Matthew and Halloween

 I came across this pic on tumblr of Matthew making a drawing for a fan at Underwood Farm in CA. I think they were filming a scene there recently.  



 These pics were posted on MGG's twitter. So funny! And where on Earth did he find footie jammies in that size? LOL.


you can find the others here @ silent_xbliss 
 I stumbled across this on urbandictionary.com

1. gubler
1. A horrific and painful injury. 2. A horrific and painful knee injury, as akin to Matthew Gray Gubler's knee injury resulting from a dance move. Reportedly, Gubler's injury was one of the top two hundred of the worst knee injuries operated on by one of the nation's top surgeons. Gubler had to undergo a six hour surgery with three sugar screws and two 2 inch titanium screws.
1. Dude, I gublered my knee so bad yesterday.

2. A: Why is she walking funny?

B: Oh, she got a gubler yesterday at cheer practice.

3. Man, I don't think I can ever go to that club again after I gublered my knee there.

Someone should tell him. It's almost embarrassing. Lol :D

More extras from the Season 5 DVD set

Behind the scenes on Mosley Lane - Grim and Gubler Direct:



Matthew Gray Gubler


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