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Matthew Gray Gubler

A proud land within the Gublernation

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Matthew Gray Gubler
Hello and welcome to ontd_gubler! Come share the love! Questions regarding this community should be directed to me infinitycluster or to one of the co-mods pallasathena, britt_m_89 or meimichan. Membership is open, unless you get mean and rowdy.

1. Respect the Gube. Haters shall be directed to the left.
2. Respect each other. If a post does not belong here one of the mods will handle that. We don't need any "this isn't news" nazis.
3. No questions about why there is yet another Gubler community. This is an offshoot from the mothership ohnotheydidnt.
4. Non-members of ontd ARE welcome here.
5. Have fun. Don't take anything too seriously. This is, after all, only the interwebs.
6. Posts MUST follow the six-degrees-of-Gube-separation rule. Posts must have something to do with MGG or some project he has worked on.
7. Picture spams, gif parties, screencaps, icon tables and dumb questions are allowed as long as they are relevant to our interests.
8. Out of respect for Matthew as a person, no real-person fanfiction please.
9. Please place pictures over 500 pixels wide under an lj cut so they do not mess up our layout.
10. Posts pertaining to Matthew's personal/dating life MUST be placed under a cut with a warning in the title, because several members have expressed that they do not want to know. We want to avoid creating rumors and unfounded speculation.


Thank you for your time.

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"Was MGG Mr. Brightside?" macro by songparodygirl
MGG's magic trick gif by dolcianiblows
Awesome and Win by everyone at ontd_gubler